Dynamic Image Rendering in Email?

Last week I was at the Marketo Summit and I must have stopped by the booth of Lattice Engines, because yesterday morning I got an email from them with the event follow up and I was impressed by execution of the email image header:


I asked the Marketo Community (need Marketo login to access) to see if anyone knows how to do this, but didn’t get much back in terms of how-to.

How did they put my name on the blackboard as an image?

Is there a call out service that returns a custome image for each lead given a background image and a text string?

Who knows how to do this in Marketo?

UPDATE (4/15/2014):

The kind friends at Lattice responded to my question – and here’s their answer:

We actually use a technology from PTI called FusionPro Expression. It’s pretty cool stuff – it resizes all of the text to make sure it always fits and looks nice, you can define minimum and maximum font size, and choose an image to display on error just in case something goes wrong when they serve the image.

It pulls from Marketo using lead tokens when it serves the image, that’s how I got your name on there!

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